Mentorship is a dedicated relationship between a mentor and a mentee where a mentor imparts to the mentee, skill, training, and decades of experience in leadership.

We need people who have more wisdom, experience, and skill to guide us in both our personal lives and relationships, as well as ministries, and career.

While coaching focuses on personal performance and success, mentorship focuses on the mentee becoming a significant influence in his or her world.

We encourage anyone who is serious about growth to go to the next level and be mentored. 

Through mentorship you will have access to skilled mentors to receive skill and training to get you the results that you want. 




This group comprises the minds of five to eight people who come together to discuss topics that foster personal growth, development, and leadership. Each person brings the richness of his or her experiences as we discuss. This changes one's perspective and helps the participant re-focus on growing intentionally.

Joining a Mastermind group will help you become aware of your hidden potential and increase your desire to develop yourself. No one can grow where there is no accountability, therefore, a group of like-minded people on the same journey of growth as you will provoke you to become a better version of yourself.


Coaching is a committed relationship between a coach and a coachee for the purpose of attaining personal growth, and success in all areas of one's life. Over an agreed period of time, a certified coach will work with you to establish your goals and accompany and support you as you go through the hurdles to attain your success.

At Kingscourt, we offer two types of coaching: Personal Coaching for individual growth and development and Group Coaching for team building and goal attainment.

As a coachee, you will experience significant improvements in the results you get.