Gospel Festival Leipzig

Gospel Festival Leipzig

A festival for soul winning


Funbi Oni-Orisan is the visionary of the Gospel Festival Leipzig and founder of The Voices. Her singing journey started at 19 in Nigeria, where a remarkable voice transformation ignited an enduring passion. Years later in Germany, she formed a group of singers and musicians leading to intimate performances in Ehrenfeld, Köln where fellow artists collaborated. Despite event organization challenges, her desire to foster an environment of joy, and empowerment through singing remained strong. 3 decades later, The Voices evolved- a collective of talented vocalists, instrumentalists, and technicians, culminating in the Gospel Festival Leipzig. Under the auspices of Kingscourt Leipzig e.V, the Festival brings a fusion of 30 diverse cultural vocalists and instrumentalist in a seamless blend of powerful Gospel music.

In a resounding display of spiritual and musical unity, The Gospel Festival Leipzig promises an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts and the faithful alike. Set to take place at the Pavillion der Hoffnung in the city of Leipzig, the event is a harmonious blend of soul stirring melodies, heartfelt performances and a spiritual celebration of high praises. Hosted by the Kingscourt Leipzig e.V, 

The Voices choir has featured in several gospel programmes and are well known for their powerful rendition of christan worship songs, heartfelt worship to stir hearts and open the heavens above. With a cultural blend, this concert promises to be an explosive and unforgettable festival.