Life in the industrialized world has put a lot of pressure on families. Despite the high purchasing power and improved social status, people still have problems.

These problems are not visible to the casual eyes but are deep rooted and occur in the soul. They result from past painful experiences which have left people wounded and handicapped in some way.

When issues in the soul are not addressed they remain hidden within and resurface in the form of failed relationships, depression, loneliness, feelings of anxiety, despair and inadequacy.

If help is not provided such people continue to struggle alone without hope or direction.


Soulcare involves caring and leading hurting people through the process of healing and restoration.

The ministry empowers people to overcome the hurts and strongholds of the past through the application of the revealed Word of God


At Soulcare, we lead people through the process of healing by teaching and applying principles to deep rooted issues that affect our wellbeing.

God's Word clearly shows us that it is impossible to live beyond our thoughts and convictions, as a result we show how negative thought patterns become visible through our attitude towards ourselves and others.

We bring healing to the spiritually wounded soul, restoring his vision and empowering him to fulfill his God given destiny.


We have seen many positive results as individuals become enriched and empowered through the teaching and encounters at Soulcare.

Individuals once stagnated by past painful expereincees are set free to experience life again.

The past painful memories no longer handicap their thought process and they become proficient through the infinite resources they discover in God's word.

We have seen relationships become richer, more sensitive and responsive. Many have experienced confidence and a new sense of purpose.

Hope is rekindled for those who have given up on life.


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